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Hey there biz owner! Don’t forget to delete this and fill it in with a proper policy! We all know every website needs a Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But who the heck wants to fork out for a lawyer to write all that for them? I know I didn’t when I was starting out. I was just cobbling together pieces of other people’s policies I found online….ugh so bad.

That’s why I was super excited to find Berkley Sweetapple’s legal template library! What a wonderful way to make sure my policies were correct, AND not have to pay a full on custom client fee!

I was so excited in fact, I partnered with her to bring her amazing, easy to use templates to you! (and yep, she’s a real life lawyer who helps female entrepreneurs with all the legal stuff to protect their biz!)


  • legally required if you collect user information/data from residents of the EU or California

  • required if you run Google or Facebook/Instagram Ads, or use Google Analytics how you tell your customers how their private information is being shared and stored

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