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Meet Kari Evans

Hey girl hey! I am Kari Evans. Let me guess...God is calling you closer to him as an entrepreneur or has called you into entrepreneurship and you have absolutely no knowledge on how to open or grow your business. I know all you want to do is be obedient to Gods will for your life and do things the right way but you're afraid you don't have the knowledge or what it takes to open a business.  Since 2003 I knew that God was calling me to serve others, but I just didn't know in what way I should serve. God revealed things to me throughout the years that didn't make sense to me, but I knew without a shadow of doubt that serving and teaching others was my purpose in life.


At one point I thought I had the "perfect life" "The American dream." according to societies standard. We will have to catch up on that another day. I smiled often but there was this deep feeling of unfulfillment at the time that would not go away!  Although I was a part time entrepreneur & found jobs that would allow me to serve others and teach at the same time. I was just unhappy with my life. 


In 2014 with a 5-year-old and a baby on the way God told me to quit my 9 to 5 become a full-time entrepreneur. In 2020 after going through a divorce and quitting my job I began to go on a journey of self-discovery. God revealed his true purpose for my life. It's been an amazing journey thus far although it was intimidating but with God as my business partner everything has been a purposeful ride.

In 2023 here I am the owner of multiple successful money-making businesses with God as my business partner. What I've discovered is that your purpose is already inside of you- you just have to have the knowledge, wisdom, and confidence to walk in it!

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The truth is there are many people in the world who are living life unfulfilled but know that there is more to life than what they are experiencing right now. That is why I am here to help you walk in your purpose with knowledge, wisdom, and confidence. To get all that God has destined for you. God's plan is to prosper us and not harm us. He has chosen me to be a light and source of inspiration to other women who are ready to walk in their purpose while elevating their business but just don't know where to begin. I'm here to help you avoid a lot of confusion and setbacks due to mistakes.



Kari is also the Founder of The Luereen Foundation a Non-Profit organization geared toward helping the families of those who have sensory disabilities. By providing scholarship funding, help with utilities, help during the holidays, charity events, and so much more.

She is also the owner of Studio Glamour Hair Salon & Restoration Center where she is not only focused on helping those who are suffering with hair loss and scalp disorders but is also concerned about the needs of the community. During the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays the salon feeds families in the community and donates non-perishable items to local shelters in the area. 


Want to work with me?


I know you're ready for a transformation in your life and business. I also know you want to blossom, shine, soar, and to live a life of freedom and abundance. I also know that you want to build and grow your business Gods way which is why you're here! Schedule your free discovery session today!

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