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The Pursuit of


A 30- Day Devotional to Empower & Equip Women Entrepreneurs
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"The Pursuit of Destiny"

The Pursuit of Destiny is a 30-day devotional that comprises of 30 scriptures that serve as a reminder that God's will for our lives is paramount and essential as purpose driven women entrepreneurs. The devotional aims to assist readers in attaining the fullness of God in every facet of life, leading to a limitless life of purpose, balance, and prosperity. I encourage readers to allow the scriptures, prayers, questions, and teachings to enter into their hearts, guiding them towards a path of purpose, balance, and prosperity.

About The Author

Kari Evans is a South Carolina native. As a child she has always had a love for writing, in 2019 she decided to act on her love interest and publish her first book. When she's not writing, sharing with her YouTube community, or loving all on her 2 children she's reading or listening to music. Take a moment to also check out her Purposeful Insight Blog! Stay tuned for what's next!

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