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Empowering women to boldly walk in their purpose because the world needs what you have!

Women's Empowerment

If you are looking for a transformational message for your audience that will improve their overall life and business giving them the keys to unlock their next level, then you are in the right place.  They will leave challenged, inspired, motivated, and confident to walk in what God has called them to walk in.


What's included?

  • Women's Empowerment

  • Business / Entrepreneurship

  • Health & Wellness

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Empowerment begins with a purpose let resilience, transition, and acceptance propel you to your next level!


Kari Speaks

There is purpose for your pain!

As a keynote speaker & educator she delivers a transformational message filled with power that will transform the mindset of your listeners. Growing up in poverty with disabled parents, low self-esteem, seeking validation, wanting to fit in with the crowd, rejections, going through divorce, being a single mother, and so much more. God's love has guided me through to living a life of resilience, transition and acceptance. Her area of expertise is in Resilience, Transition, and Acceptance. She empowers women all over to keep going never give up because there is purpose for your pain!

Embrace the power within, you are destined to walk in your purpose!


Ready for the Impact?

I know you're ready for an impactful & transformational event. I also know you want to have speakers that not only have knowledge but speakers who have experience. Speakers who can connect with the audience. I also know that you want a speaker who is anointed to speak life to your audience's purpose which is why you're here! Schedule me to speak at your next event!

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