The Pursuit of Knowledge

Along my entrepreneurial journey I never would have imagined that I would become the author of 2 books, be a co-author with several other powerful women and become an Amazon #1 best seller. My goal is to motivate, inspire, and educate women entrepreneurs who want to begin their own journey in business and boldly walk in their greatness. A part of my legacy is to enlighten women through my books that you too can achieve your dreams. If you have a book on the inside of you and would like to become a published author, consider my Women of R.A.G.E mentorship program to pursue that thing in you!! Take a look at our collection below & stay tuned more are on the way!


The Journey to Becoming a Boss

An inspirational book for new entrepreneurs who knows there's something BIG on the inside of them but gets discouraged along the journey and needs a little motivation. I share 5 steps that has helped me tremendously along my journey in becoming a BOSS. I hope this book inspires you to dig deep down and pull out the BOSS in you!

journey of a boss book cover png.png

Real Money Talk

 Inside this powerful book, you’ll find practical strategies and amazing transformations while having Real Money Talk!  An awesome group of authors, coaches and experts came together to share their authentic stories and lessons of Finances.  This book gives you the tools you need to take control of your money, mindset and cancel the limiting beliefs concerning money. 

The Mysteries of Hair Loss

This Mysteries of Hair Loss is an informational book explaining hair loss, wellness, and the things that contribute to hair loss. In this book I hope that you discover some solutions that will help during the journey to your hair restoration. This book is in no way replacing the instructions given to you by your physician, but to work together during your hair restoration process.

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